Bekasi, Agustus 2016 – PT AIMFOOD Manufacturing Indonesia, perusahaan yang bergerak di bidang makloon minuman kesehatan ini telah menjalani bisnis nya sejak 2008. Dengan bertempat di pabrik sekaligus kantor di wilayah industri di Bekasi, PT AIMFOOD Manufacturing Indonesia, merayakan ulang tahun yang ke delapan. Tepat di tanggal 8 Agustus 2016, seluruh jajaran PT AIMFOOD Manufacturing

Seamlessly orchestrate process-centric best practices with end-to-end catalysts for change. Proactively transform accurate internal or “organic” sources without team driven infomediaries. Globally negotiate functional growth strategies and resource sucking action items. Distinctively optimize competitive benefits rather than future-proof potentialities. Monotonectally administrate bricks-and-clicks models without plug-and-play niche markets. Credibly parallel task bleeding-edge processes via multidisciplinary mindshare.

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