PT. AIMFOOD MANUFACTURING INDONESIA is a OEM services / private label manufacturing of functional Food &Beverages, Herbal and Food Supplement products which has been operated since August 2008. Located in MM2100 Industrial Estate Indonesia, we have been producing and exporting quality products that meet customers needs and expectation.

Our aim from the first start we run this business is to be the strategic partner of our customers to achieve their business goals or as it goes along with our motto "working with you all the way; One Aim, One Heart. One of ways we can accomplish is by providing a ONE STOP SERVICES SOLUTION which is starting from Design, Formulation, BPOM Registration and Production. With this simple solution, customers can concentrate on the product & sales and marketing program, reaching their business target.

We have expert Design team, Research and Development professionals who is capable to customize and innovate product that suits customer’s preferences. We are committed to the highest food production standards and are compliance and accredited with the highest industry certificates requirement (ISO22000, ISO9001, HACCP, GMP, U.S. FDA, and HALAL)

We ensure that whatever we do in running the business, it has to be inline with our Vision and Mission:

Vision :

  • To become a Leading and Reputable worldwide OEM company/ Private label manufacturer of Functional Food and Beverages, Herbal and Food Supplement.
  • Being an Internationalized-scale Manufacturer.

Mission :

  • A company that prioritizes best quality and outstanding services.
  • Maintaining Profitable Partnership in relating with our customers, suppliers and human resources.
  • Providing Positive Contribution to the Environment, Surrounding Community and the Country where the company located.

As our commitment to create quality products, we have implemented some systems to control our production line. We ensure every product meets these quality and safety standard features.

HAS (Halal Assurance System) ensure our products, start from materials and facilities are approved by LP-POM MUI.
GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) ensure the hygiene and good ways to manufacture the product.
HACCP (Hazards Analysis and Critical Control Points) ensure the safety of each products so that they are safe for human health.
ISO 22000 is integrated of Food Safety Management System between GMP and HACCP as its foundation.
ISO 9001 ensures the customer satisfaction by controlling the standard of product’s quality.
U.S. FDA Certificate


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Asia Pasific Enterpreneurship Awards 2014

The Competition Business

The Competition Business

The Competition Business


Kadin Indonesia

GAPPMI - Gabungan Pedagang Makanan dan Minuman




We have equipped our production & laboratory facilities with advance tools and adequate human resources that has years of experience in each field. We always control the hygiene of our facilities and the safety features of our plant.


We are able to produce 120 million sachets per year or equals to 150 containers per year in for 4 production lines which covers food & beverage product, food supplement and traditional herb products with production capacity of 200.000 sachet/line/shift and 100.000 capsule/line/shift.

These are several processes in our production’s section:

  1. Dry Mixing / Blending
  2. Filling
  3. Packing

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